Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oh I get by...

... with a little help from my friends.
I have been crocheting like a mad lately, but I couldn't tell you since it was all part of a surprise.
Some friends of ours have had a tough time, not lately but for years. Their oldest daughter isn't well, and it has been hard for the entire family. Now, also her little sister have a lot of problems with her health. Any parent knows how it wears you down when your kid is in pain or not feeling well. And this has been going on for years...
This family was going abroad for a week (last week), and an aunt to the kids wanted to surprise them by giving them a home make-over while they were away. Her husband had promised to paint two bedrooms for them, but she thougt that if we all came together we could do so much more. So we did!
All the bedrooms got new wallpapers, two new floors were put in, a bathroom painted, a fence built, the garden was tended to, and the entire house tidied up. Things that needed to be done, but that the family were too tired to do. Friends and family helped with what they could. Time, things or money. Well, so much could be said about this project, starting out as a "please help me clean my sister's home" and becoming a real makeover. If we all come together and do what we can, great things can be accomplished!
Well, I think you can guess what I did... :) I made flower garlands for the baby sister's room with jungle theme, a soccer cushion for the brother and an african flower cushion for the older sister. And labels for baskets in their kitchen, sewed in place with metal buttons. :) And a few other things. And helped out with some broken blinders (you know, in the windows... to keep the sun out... is it the right word?)
Was the family surprised? Yes they were! And very, very happy! :)
Take this story as an example, that we can do so much for someone if we come together and give what we have. It's a blessing to be able to put a smile in somebody's face! And it doesn't even have to be a big thing that you do! :)


  1. how wonderful for your's good for us too to help like what you can...if you can hammer then find a nail...if you can paint...or cook or sew...have helped out in years past and it just feels good...well done!! and it's nice to see you back!!!

  2. People like you warm my heart. That is such a lovely thing to do. It's amazing how if people pull together they can make such a difference.