Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Never satisfied

If you knit or crochet, this won't be news to you. No matter how much yarn I have at home, I never seem to have the right kind for the next thing I want to make. I needed to cheer myself up yesterday, and decided to start a new project or two. Or five... But I just couldn't find the right yarn!

Above all, I wanted to make mitts or wrist warmers. And I want to use them at work. For that very reason, I want them in "dull" colors, like black, grey or brown. And I want them to be neat, with cables or in a lace pattern. So I would need a pretty thin yarn. I have thin yarn. But it is either striped or in some really strong colors. I have those dull colors, but only in bulky yarn... :) So I need to go yarn shopping. Poor me! :)

At least I found one project I could get started on right away. It is a scarf from a free e-book pattern I got from Knitting Daily. It's a lace pattern, but their mohair was obviously a lot thinner than the skein I found in my stash... It looked as delicate as a spider web, and mine does not. But different doesn't have to be bad, right? So I keep knitting. Although I did almost rip it up to make wrist warmers of it instead, but I think my husband lost his patience with my inabilityto make up my mind at that point (should I make this, or that, and is it really pretty, or should I...) and simply told me to keep knitting what I started. :)  So I am about half way done already. Do you like it? Or should I make wrist warmers instead? ;) 


  1. men just don't get it, do they... :) :) :) ...but, I think, you should keep knitting, it looks really pretty and if you maybe block it, the pattern will show up better...and then you'll just have to drag yourself off to the yarn shop and buy buy poor thing!!

  2. I like it, its lovely. Happy shopping!