Friday, November 9, 2012

Some bad pictures

Look, there it is! My brand new cardigan, in a pretty lousy picture... My tablet is good for much, but it doesn't take the best pictures obviously. :) But I was too lazy to get the mobile or the camera. Anyway. I used the cardigan already on Wednesday, using a pin since I had no button yet. 

But it was a bit too wide, especially over the shoulders. Compare the two pictures with me, and you can see what I mean. I made a size medium, based on the given numbers in the pattern, but an extra small would have been enough this time. Not my regular size anymore! Well, since I had to finish it before I could see its actual size, remaking it does not feel like an option.

So I came up with an idea. I grabbed some of the left over yarn (yes, I had a little less than half a ball left!) Aand a hook, and made two rows of sc's around the neck. And that made a huge difference! So now I am one happy lady with a new and very snuggly cardigan!

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