Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A blogger with habits

I have really been struggling with my blogging lately. Not that it is hard to do, and I honestly want to keep blogging. I believe that my problem is that I have new habits.

I don't know about you, but I am so stuck on old habits. When I was younger and went on the school bus every day, I had my favourite seat where you would find me every day. On McDonald's, I always order the same thing. Things like that. And when something stops me from keeping to my habits, I might be confused or upset, not having a plan B. And here lies my problem. I didn't have a plan B for blogging. Before I started working, I would sit in my armchair every evening, with my hooks or needles. And the next morning I would take pictures of whatever I made and maybe blog about it. Almost always about lunch time.

 And now? Well, I am usually at home two days a week. So I could blog then. But... I was too tired or not in the mood to spend last night in the armchair, working on something. So no blogging. Sometimes I do sit down, however, and make something I want to write about. But then There is no time to blog... Of course I know that I don't always need to have something to show. I have to get used to that... But a picture is always nice, right?

Alright, this is one of those things I've been meaning to blog about. My latest achievment in tatting. An E (for Elsa, my girl) and a bookmark I found too flippy to continue on. Both were made weeks ago... :)

Well, I hope I will find new habits. You just have to be patient with me for a while. :) I would like to say that I will talk to you soon, but I really have no idea... So, we'll meet when we meet!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Glitter and tatting

I am tired, oh so tired, most of the time. Due to the new medication. I have so many projects to work with, but in one way or another they feel too heavy to work with right now. But at least I managed to make a pair of mitts for a pretty little girl. 

It happens all the time that I forget to take a picture of things I make for others. This time I remembered it in the last minute, in the car! :) So behold, red glittering mitts! I know, I really am a great photographer...

I spend a lot of time on internet right now, finding a lot of inspiration. Too tired for most of it for the moment, but this seemed easy enough to try. May I introduce to you my very first tatted thingy!

It's a flower pendant. I followed a great tutorial on youtube, since I haven't figured out how to follow patterns yet. But I think I will, since this was great fun. I didn't have any tatting equipment, so I used a tapestry needle and thin crochet yarn. I thought it would be complicated when I first saw tatting, but at least this flower was a piece of cake. Try it! I will continue tatting, that's for sure!