Monday, February 4, 2013

Glitter and tatting

I am tired, oh so tired, most of the time. Due to the new medication. I have so many projects to work with, but in one way or another they feel too heavy to work with right now. But at least I managed to make a pair of mitts for a pretty little girl. 

It happens all the time that I forget to take a picture of things I make for others. This time I remembered it in the last minute, in the car! :) So behold, red glittering mitts! I know, I really am a great photographer...

I spend a lot of time on internet right now, finding a lot of inspiration. Too tired for most of it for the moment, but this seemed easy enough to try. May I introduce to you my very first tatted thingy!

It's a flower pendant. I followed a great tutorial on youtube, since I haven't figured out how to follow patterns yet. But I think I will, since this was great fun. I didn't have any tatting equipment, so I used a tapestry needle and thin crochet yarn. I thought it would be complicated when I first saw tatting, but at least this flower was a piece of cake. Try it! I will continue tatting, that's for sure!


  1. Tatting! I've just started too although I haven't posted any photos as yet. It is rather addictive isn't it? And so many lovely patterns to try :) I hope you adjust to the new medication soon so you can be tatting and hooking and knitting again very soon! xxx

  2. oh tried it!!! and did such a good is addictive as Elaine says...but fun to do. I also hope you adjust to the new medication and get back to yourself soon...have missed you!