Sunday, March 31, 2013

A little something

Told you I felt a little creativity lurking in a corner of my mind. :)

My daughter needed a little something to protect her mobile phone. She chose colours and border herself. And I enjoyed making it! I hope she never gets tired of colourful, flowery homemade stuff! :D

Happy Easter!

How are you all doing? I'm having a quiet moment right now, so I thought I would say hi. This Easter is not a very quiet one, since my parents and my two youngest are here with us. But right now they are on a trip, so my family is chilling.

I spoiled myself with some fresh flowers this weekend. I don't do that very often, so I am really enjoying them. And do you notice the sparkling tea light holder next to them? My mum made it for me. I think it's so cute. A good thing domebody is crafting when I'm not. I know I don't have to, it simply feels strange that I don't. And I think I have figured out why. Crafting or needleworking was never a way to relax for me. It was work. Something that kept me busy, made me feel that I achieved something, and also a very intense moment when inspiration hit me. Now when days are full(er) with work and housetending, I'm too tired to be inspired. 

Life takes it turns, and I'm sure I will find new ways for my creativity to work. Actually, today I felt rested enough to maybe pick something up. Maybe. :)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A lazy day

This week feels like a success. I have worked, I have managed to do some cleaning and house tending on free days without doing too much. It's really easy to do too much on a good day, and so make the next day a very tired one... I am trying to get into some new routines, trying to get things done during the week so I can have the week-end off. A tidy house that I can relax in. Managed pretty good this time, so today has actually been a crochet day. It's been a while since I did this. More knitting than crochet  lately. 

There you have it. The result of a lazy Saturday. So far at least, I am counting on finishing the last piece too. I am making dishcloths today. I made one in linen a while ago, just to try it out, and I am loving it! So I decided to make some more. One in the rest of the linen skein, and then some in some left over bamboo/cotton yarn. Eager to see if they will work outjuat as well. Planning tomake some in cotton too. I honestly never thought a home made cloth would work out as well as it did, and it gets better the more I use it. It absorbs water and other messy stuff on the kitchen table perfectly, it is lovely to scrub table and work spaces with, and it fells much more environment friendly to have your own cloth that you boil clean every now and then, than buying new ones all the time when the old gets too dirty.

The book is for later. Did you notice the title? "A stitch in crime"... I just had to have it, it's about a crochet group solving mysteries! :) I hope it is entertaining, since there are more where I found this baby. Now I better finish this dish cloth, or I'll never get to read that book. See you all soon, I hope!