Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring wrath

I want to start this post with thanking my assistent. The first picture was taken by my daughter. Not bad, right?

I have been ill for a few days, and terribly tired. But now I'm back in the game again, and I even sat down by my crafting table today. Thought our boring door could use something cheerful. I had a slight idea what it would look like. And the finished wrath looks... nothing like that! :) But I'm used to it. I think I now what I want to make, but when I sit down with it then the materials and colors inspire me to make something different. At least it has flowers, just like my fuzzy original picture. 

I find it quite hard, actually, to stick to my first idea when I get creative. This lady who has a yarn shop in town, makes the most beautiful things in simple techniques just by mixing yarns in different qualities. I have gone to my yarn stash several times, thinking I would make something the way she does it. And every time I end up making something my way instead. Playing with colours rather than qualities. So I guess I am stuck with "my way". :) Not too bad, I reckon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yarn therapy

I am bored. After a period with lots of energy, I have been tired this last week. And it's getting boring. Haven't knitted in ages, and I would love to get started on a new project with the new yarn I won and never showed you. Sorry. But I want to make something special from it, and I have no ideas. Do you? It's pretty thin ( I am terrible at wpi and such) and I have 300 meters ofnit. Beautiful, handspun yarn from nitsirk.

I winded it today, to get to know the yarn better and to get some inspiration. Pure therapy! I have been thinking about stripes with some other yarn. Maybe I should bring it to the yarn shop and have a look around.

I guess part of the problem is that with spring approaching, all I really want todo is crochetin bright colours. :) Make bags. But I do want to knit something soft to wear with thisyarn. I'll probably end up making yet another shawl. But what I really should do is finish all the projects I have in my baskets. I just don't feel like it. And a hobby is supposed to be fun, right? ;)

Well time will tell. And maybe a new project could inspire me to finish the old ones? (Please, agree!)