Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yarn therapy

I am bored. After a period with lots of energy, I have been tired this last week. And it's getting boring. Haven't knitted in ages, and I would love to get started on a new project with the new yarn I won and never showed you. Sorry. But I want to make something special from it, and I have no ideas. Do you? It's pretty thin ( I am terrible at wpi and such) and I have 300 meters ofnit. Beautiful, handspun yarn from nitsirk.

I winded it today, to get to know the yarn better and to get some inspiration. Pure therapy! I have been thinking about stripes with some other yarn. Maybe I should bring it to the yarn shop and have a look around.

I guess part of the problem is that with spring approaching, all I really want todo is crochetin bright colours. :) Make bags. But I do want to knit something soft to wear with thisyarn. I'll probably end up making yet another shawl. But what I really should do is finish all the projects I have in my baskets. I just don't feel like it. And a hobby is supposed to be fun, right? ;)

Well time will tell. And maybe a new project could inspire me to finish the old ones? (Please, agree!)


  1. Jag förstår dig precis, har själv haft en svacka (som väl inte är helt över än), vill men hittar inte orken och inspirationen. Garnet är verkligen jättefint och själv är jag sån att garn måste tala till mig, själv säga vad det vill bli och när det inte gör det så är det svårt. Lägg undan det ett tag och ta fram det igen när inspirationen är tillbaka så kanske du kommer på vad du ska göra med det då. Lycka till!
    Kram Linda

  2. Hej! Gillar din blogg, har lagt den i mina favoriter:) Kram från Monica