Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Needle binding

I have found a new hobby today. Not that I needed one... :) But I have been eager to try needle binding lately (nålbindning in Swedish) and thanks to my darling husband, today I could!

Look what he made me today! Wooden needles, and some buttons too. All made from branches from our garden. How cool is that?

This is me needle binding. I am making a small bag. My husband just had the great idea that I could use the lilac-tree buttons on it. Yay!

A close up, so you can see the structure. You kind of tie the yarn into whatever you are making. I use wool, since you have to use only a piece of the yarn and not work with an entire ball. With wool you can felt the ends together when you take a new piece. With non-felting yarn you would have to make knots. Google it if you want to know more, or ask me. But remember that I am only a beginner! :)


  1. Never heard of this craft, but like what your making so far the pattern is really neat x

  2. Hvor er det fint med nåle fra egen have.... Sådan nogle ønsker jeg mig også :-).
    Tror, jeg må genopfriske begrebet nålebinding :-).