Thursday, August 8, 2013

Extreme lamp make-over

Being the second child often means you inherit things. Everything is bought new for the first child, and the younger gets what is already in the family but nobody uses. So with my daughter. Or at least, so with the lamp in my daughter's room. An old thing with Garfield (the cat) from the time before marriage even. But not anymore!

I went on a hunt in our local secondhand shop, and I found this beauty.

Well, I saw some potential there. Proud that I remembered the before-picture by the way. Usually I'm to eager to get started. I went through our paint tins and found some white in the bottom of one. Great! But I really hate paint that has to dry 16 hours before you can add the second layer. 15 minutes is more my cup of tea. At least that gave me some time to work with the shades. Dug around in my boxes and found glass beads and some pale blue paint. This is how it ended up.

Strings of beads and a pretty bulb along with a little paint. That's it!

The new owner seems to like it. But we have to change the bulbs, they light up the room so much you need sun glasses in there! B-)

Now, run off and get yourself a lamp to remake! It's so much fun!

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  1. Oh i love this make over, i would so have this any where in my house x