Thursday, August 8, 2013

Jewelry industry (or not)

From time to time, I play along with my beads. It has been more fun this summer, since my mother (and daughter) has been playing with me. :)

My mother bought a bracelet kit in a craft store, and I used the same technique for two bracelets. One in blue glass and waxed cotton cord.

And the second with freshwater pearls.

I am making a third one with tiny glass beads that I can wrap three times around my wrist. Takes forever, even for my skinny little arms.

I have a thing for green (and blue) (and pink) right now, so I also made this in macrame.

Oh, and I love all these glass hearts! A necklace is this.

And finally - yes! It worked!

I have made two so far but believe me, I will make more! I am so happy that I tried this.

Many more! I love felting and I love small embroideries made on free hand. So this is the perfect thing for me! So happy I tried it.


  1. These are beautiful, you have been very busy! The detailed embroidery work is so gorgeous :))

  2. These beads are gourgeous, my favorite are the embroided beads you are very talented x