Friday, August 2, 2013

Outdoor crochet

The summer is amazing here, and I spend most of my time outdoors. My knee has been bad for a while, so I have been seated in the hammock or in a chair in the shadow. Today I finished a cover for this stool.

It belonged to my husbands parents, but when his father moved it became ours. I have painted it (finally, got started last summer) and now I have made this giant granny square rectangle. Thought a little yarn and color was needed.

I am thinking about making a second cover to use when this one is in the laundry. It is stationed in the kitchen, and I don't think it will be spotless for long... But for now I'm content with this one. I like change, making the same thing over and over again can really bore me. :) Probably not a lot of crochet tomorrow though, since we expect a sunny day and plan to visit a lake. Yay!


  1. Very beautiful stool and gourgeous cover too.I too get bored doing a pattern more than once, maybe make a spare out of fabric x

  2. It's looks lovely all painted up with its crochet top :)