Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something homemade

When I'm invited to any kind of celebration - birthday, wedding, christening.... I always try to come up with a gift I can make myself. Today wad no exception. We celebrated my youngest nephews, the twins. And they seemed to appreciate my gift. A book for kids with recipes and an apron. Homemade, of course. Well, not the books...

This was the first time for me sewing aprons. I used a bought apron in kid size as a template for the body part. Bias binding around all edges, but under the arms I made it wider and as a canal for the ribbon. I let the ribbon around the neck continue through the canals and out on the sides to be tied in the back. This way, if you pull the ends the neck ribbon gets shorter to fit a smaller child. Most of you have probably seen it before.

And a big pocket in front. Used for candy at the party, since the aprons were tried on. And kept on! That warms auntie's heart! ♡

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  1. Hand made made pressies are the best, they come from the have made a jolly good job of those aprons, im sure there very appreciated x