Saturday, September 28, 2013

Granny square pillow

Made something a week ago that I wanted to show you. I haven't been making a lot of things in regular granny squares, but I'm really in love eith them now. Thought I needed some colout in my new white sofa, so this is the result.

Since I like both sides equally, it doesn't really have a front and a back. It simply has two sides. :)

I have found it hard to close a pillow case neatly and still be able to take it off for a wash every now and then. So I tried something new this time, that worked perfectly. I joined the two sides with join-as-you-go technique (I hate sewing things together!) and saved an opening on one side. I then tied a piece of yarn in each end of the opening, twisted the strands and an knot in the end. Then I weaved the yarn through the holes in the ends until they met in the middlle.

Tied a knot, but I didn't want to leave them hanging on the outside like this.

So i grabbed my hook and pulled the strands inside the pillow case. Perfect!

Do you have the perfect way to close a pillow case, without buttons? Feel free to share!


  1. Hi there, was thinking the other day, that I have not seen any posts by you for a while, i really like your blog.Your liitle cushion is beautiful, i really like the colours.I have mot quite mastered the join has you go method yet, but know what you mean the tedious joining after, Hope you and your family have a good weekend

  2. Jag gillar färgkombinationen på din kudde! Och vilket smart sätt att foga samman fram- coh bakstycke på. Kan vara något att ha i bakhuvudet om plädprojekten börjar dra ut på tiden, har ju mer än ett på gång ... ;)