Sunday, September 29, 2013

Love knots again

Maybe I can look into the future. Or rather, I know myself too well. I finished this beauty today.

A shawl, just like I predicted a long time ago. I get bored easily if I make the same thing over and over again (at least when it comes to crochet), I want to make something new! But I never get tired of making shawls in love knots. Maybe because different yarns make so very different shawls?

I love how the yarn get to show every beautiful detail in this stitch. Every colour shift...

Knitting or a different crochet stitch would blurr the colours, make it duller. Now, I can admire every pretty inch of it!

I won this yarn on a blog. Lucky me! Now, I will probably put it out for sale. I've booked a table, you see, at a handicraft market before Christmas. It's going to be so much fun, but I have to fill my table with beautiful things. (But I hope nobody will buy this one, so I can keep it! ;))