Friday, October 25, 2013

Me, a crochet teacher?

Not really, but today I had the joy to knvite a friend into the World of Crochet. She's been interested for a while, and always send me pictures of cool crochet stuff she has spotted on the web. She is also the reason I found the pattern for the african flower pony. And today she popped in. I got started on a new piece of crochet and showed her how to. She seemed to get it so I threw her a hook and some yarn, and a few hours later she had made this.

I'm impressed! She really got the hang of it and she loved it too. And she was fast too, I am making the same thing and I didn't get so much further.

Do you want to know what we are making? Stripey owl rattles! I have made one allready.

Cutest pattern! And easy to make too.

Do you want to know what else I'm working on? Okay, I have made this (so far) leg-less, blind guy.

I hope to finish him tomorrow. Another pattern from Heidi Bears. I saved a week from my summer vacation, so I will be at home this entire week as the kids are free from school. Lots of time to crochet. Yay! :)

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  1. You my dear are a brilliant teacher, your African flower tutorial was the clearest one on any web the toys you are making they are so good x