Saturday, November 9, 2013


Spent last night in the crafting-room. The clock in our livingroom stopped a while ago. Since I wasn't very happy with the look of it, I decided to give it a re-make. I stripped it and only kept the hands and the mechanism. And then... nothing. :)

So last night I felt the inspiration. And went with it. This is how it turned out.

It's a dark picture, but Sweden in November doesn't get much lighter... :)

My favourite detail? The pink second hand! I painted the canvas with a "sea green" acrylic paint, and the hands with green and pink hobby paint. Rhinestones and a paper doily.

The green colour on the hands was also used on the lamp shade i finished last night too. It used to be an ugly pink velvet shade, but I stripped it and painted the wire green. It stayed like that for a while, but last night I decided to add some paper roses from my scrapbook flower box.

It was hard to catch the lamp with the camera last night, so I took a new shot today.

I like it so much more than the old lamp...

Best of all is that both clock and lamp didn't cost me much at all. The canvas was a cheap one and the lamp shade was bought on a flee market. I love budget crafting!