Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Long time... again

I'm not here too often, am I? I haven't let go of the blog, it's simply easier to use the faster social networks these days. Facebook, Instagram... Don't have the patience or enough words for the blog. But tonight I'm here!

Winter is truly here. Snow and all. The son started using his winter hat, which looked a little too tight. So I convinced him he needed a new one. :) I went to my yarn shop today, and made the hat tonight. I love a quick project!

A dark picture, I know. But do you really expect me to wait until tomorrow?

This hat is a Minecraft hat. If you have young kids you know what I'm saying. It's a computer game. "Everybody" a certain age plays it. The hat is supposed to look like a creeper, a creature from the game. He has a cap with a creeper and he loves it.

The hat is made in crochet with three strands of baby wool in two different greens. With a big hook. 7 mm. I made the face in black and stitched it to the hat. It's a very soft hat, so I might have to make one for me too. Without the creeper... I hope he will enjoy wearing it!


  1. Hej,
    nu har jag smygit runt lite här hos dig och oj så mycket fint du har. Du är ju en mästare på att göra vackra roliga saker av african flower.
    Hit ska jag återkomma minsann.

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