Saturday, January 4, 2014

New year, new mittens

Happy New Year! A little late maybe, that's a habit of mine. Yep, I've been knitting mittens. I wanted a pair to go with my red coat, now I've been using the grey and purple made for another coat. Moving them from coat to coat made me worry that I would forget them and end up with cold fingers. :)

I bought grey, red and orange wool and intended to make a pair just like the old ones.

Didn't happen. I got the idea that I would knit with all three colors in every row, making a warm inside on the mittens, with all the strands carried behind. It took a while to find a pattern. And it was made in stripes. So I made up a pattern of my own, making it striped diagonaly (however you spell that).

I like them, but I wish I had done a few things differently. They are a bit tight, even though I thought I had more than enough stitches. I should have made them even wider.

Making the second mitten, I decided to let the stripes turn the other way. I also changed the order in which I held the three strands. Misstake. Now the grey pops out on one, and red on the other. Also the thumbs could have used an extra round. No big things. I just worry they will be cold due to the tight fit, and the whole idea using three colours was making them warm. But still, they're fine. And they reminded me that I really like knitting mittens. :)


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