Sunday, May 22, 2016

African Flower blanket border

When I showed you my African Flower blanket, I stated that there was nothing much to say about it. Today I decided that I was wrong. I have more to say, that I hope might be helpful for someone. 

Maybe you are new to African Flower hexagons? You can find the pattern here.

We can also talk about the join. Sometimes I sew the hexagons together, but I don't have that patience with a big piece like this. So I joined on the go, as I was doing the last round on the hexagon. 

The first join takes place in a corner. Instead of just making that chain, I make a slip stitch through the corner of the hexagon I'm joining to. Then I make 3 hdc and I slip my hook from the loop. I stick the hook in between the 3rd and 4th stitches (on the left side from the joined corner) and pick up the loop and pull it through. I do this every 3rd stitch. When I join to a corner with two hexagons, I make on slip stitch in both corners.

This join isn't completely flat or invisible, but it is fast and easy. 

If you want to try this join but you don't understand my instructions, just let me know and I can show you.

The thing with hexagons is that you don't get even edges. If that is what you want, you have to fix it somehow.

Below, you can see the long side of my blanket. Between the peaks of the hexagons, you get a V that you might want to build up to an even (or almost, you can tell I don't like blocking, right?) edge.

This is how I  do it.

Round 1
Start in the top chain space, join the yarn and ch 1. This is your first sc. *Sc in next st, 3 hdc, 2 dc, make a dc cluster with first dc in the corner, second in the join between the hexagon, and third in the corner of the next hexagon. Continue with 2 dc (don't miss the stitch in the corner), 3 hdc, sc and sc in the corner.* Now you can repeat from * to *. When you reach the corner of your work, you make 3 sc in the corner space.

On the short side, make sc evenly across the entire side. Make 3 sc's in the corner space and repeat the pattern for the long side. Join with a slip stitch in the first sc when you have completed the round.

Round 2
Sc in the same stitch, *sc in the next 3 sts, 3 hdc, 2 dc, dc cluster in the next 3 sts, 2 dc, 3 hdc, sc*. Repeat from * to *. In the corner, make (hdc, ch 2, hdc) in the middle sc.

On the short side, hdc in each stitch. Repeat corner, long side and short side around your work. Join in first sc.

It might happen that you will have to add an extra sc or two around the corners. If you don't like my crooked style, you can always block.

I didn't mention this, but in order to get my short sides even, I made a half African Flower for each space. This gives a fairly straight edge to just work sc over.

Well then, let's move over to the actual border. I made mine in brown and beige, to calm down the blanket a bit. 

Round 1 - Brown
Sc in every st. (Sc, ch 2, sc) in corner space. Join with first st and cut yarn.

Round 2 - Beige
Hdc in every st. (Hdc, ch 2, hdc) in corner space. Join with first st.

Round 3 - Beige
Make sure that you will skip the last st before the corner. If not, make sl st into next st before you start this round.

Ch 4 (this is your first dc and ch 1). *Skip next st, dc in next st, ch 1* repeat to corner. In corner space make (dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1, dc, ch 1). Skip hidden st in corner and next st. Repeat * to * and corners. Join in 3rd ch in the beginning of the round. Cut yarn.

Round 4 - Brown
Join in dc with sl st and ch 3, or start with standing dc. Dc in same stitch. * Skip ch, 2 dc in dc*, repeat * to * until corner. In middle dc, make 6 dc. Repeat for every side. Join and cut yarn.

Round 5 - Beige
Dc in every st, in 4th dc in corner make (dc, ch 2, dc). Repeat for every side. Join but do not cut.

Round 6 - Beige
Ch 2 (first sc), sc in every st. 3 sc in corner space. Do not skip hidden st in corner. Repeat, join and cut yarn.

Round 7 - Brown
We will make a sc cross stitch.
Find the middle corner sc. Count two st away, join and ch 2 as your first sc. Now, go back and make a sc in the first st after the middle corner sc, over your first sc. Skip the 3rd st and sc in 4th st. Sc in 3rd st. Continue like this, skip one st, sc in next, sc in the st you skipped. When you reach the corner, 3 sc in the middle sc. Skip the next st, sc in next st, sc in the st you skipped.

It is not easy to explain without a lot of pictures, which I didn't have now. If you want a tutorial, just ask. Or search, I am sure there are videos and tutorials on this stitch out there.

Well, now I think I have said it all. Time to get some sleep, I guess.

Take care!